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Harmonizing Multisite Structural Brain Net

The next NEUROPIZZA is coming! Adrian Onicas will have a presentation on “Harmonizing Multisite Neuroimaging Data to Improve Characterization of Brain Networks: A Tutorial Overview of ComBat and its Applications for diffusion-weighted imaging”.


The analysis of large, multisite neuroimaging datasets provides a promising means for the robust characterization of brain networks that can reduce false positives and improve reproducibility. However, the use of different MRI scanners introduces variability to the data. Managing those sources of variability is increasingly important for the generation of accurate group-level inferences. ComBat is one of the most promising tools for the multisite harmonization of structural neuroimaging data, but its applications for graph theory metrics derived from the structural brain connectome have not been established. This talk will provide a tutorial overview of multi-site harmonization for networks derived using FA maps based on diffusion-weighted scans from the largest study of pediatric concussion.

01.02.2023,  2 PM – 4PM

Adrian Onicas

Scientific Programist at Sano Science

ul. Czarnowiejska 36, building C-5, Sano Centre 3rd floor