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Sano becomes the partner of Life Science Open Space Online Week 2020

We kindly invite you to participate in the Digital Health (Computational Medicine) session organized as part of the Life Science Open Space Online Week by Cluster LifeScience Krakow. Sano, as the event’s partner, is also the leader of the Digital Health session chaired by Marian Bubak.

The session contains presentations – cooperation offers, which aim to present the entire package of opportunities to get involved in Sano’s activities and projects.

Session participants will be able to:

  • learn about the offer of international doctoral studies carried out in cooperation between universities in Poland, UK, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands,
  • learn about the options for developing a scientific career in Sano research teams,
  • learn about the Sano research agenda and the possibilities of establishing cooperation under R&D projects carried out together with the industry,
  • submit their project proposals and collaboration options with Sano.

The session will be held on Monday, 23th of November, from 10:00 till 12:00 AM on the event platform. During the event, in addition to taking part in webinars you will be able to present your products, services, cooperation possibilities, establish new contacts,  set and run B2B meetings.

Life Science Open Space Online Week is a meeting of people open to cooperation, who have a common goal which is to apply knowledge, technology and abilities to solve problems related to Health and Quality of Life.

Abstracts of this session are available here.

Join to the Digital Health (Computational Medicine) Session on LSOS Online Week 2020