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Sano joins forces to fight against Coronavirus

At Sano, we wish to join the forces of the research community to contribute to fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic. Our expertise includes the development of computational methods, algorithms, models and technologies for personalized medicine. We know how to introduce new diagnostic and therapeutic solutions based on computerized simulations into clinical practice.

We offer to share expertise in the following areas:

  • Development of computational pipelines for data analysis, simulations, results validation
  • Support for running simulations on largest supercomputers in Poland and Europe (Germany, UK, Netherlands)
  • AI techniques for image recognition and big data processing
  • Supporting clinical data management (anonymisation, curation, storage of large data volumes, database integration)
  • Security solutions for medical data
  • General IT support for research tasks, data processing, statistics, collaborative work.

To get more details, please contact: