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Sano team is stronger & stronger – new people on the board!

In October we happily welcomed new members of Sano Centre. 8 new people enforced #SanoTeam. Please meet them all!

  • Aneta Lisowska, PhD – Senior postdoctoral researcher

Aneta obtained BSc in Computing and Cognitive Science from Dundee University and Eng.D from Herriot-Watt University. Formerly she worked at international corporations (Toshiba and Canon) and at an AI start-up where she developed machine-learning (ML) based solutions to healthcare problems utilizing information from text, imaging and vital signs. Currently she is the most passionate about leveraging ML for early disease diagnosis and digital behaviour intervention. She is interested in using wearable sensors to detect health conditions and monitor patients’ wellbeing. In her free time, she travels, dances, hikes and pursues MBA at Edinburgh Business School.

  • Maria Sendecka – Office Specialist and Training Coordinator

Maria holds a master’s degree in management at Warsaw University. She gained experience in transport and logistics industry. At work she deals with finding and delivering the best solutions to improve cost policy of her customers while providing them with high quality services.

  • Sylwia Malec – PhD Student / Computer Vision Research Team  (Joined PhD Programme with University of Sheffield)

Sylwia holds a BSc from AGH University of Science and Technology. Her bachelor thesis focused on obtaining 3D-printed pelvis directly from a patient’s CT scan. She gained practical experience as a software engineer and data scientist in the industry at Motorola Solutions, where she was focusing on Computer Vision solutions for public safety. She joined Sano Computer Vision Data Science Team and is currently working on multimodal medical imaging registration. Privately, she is a photomodel, traveler and yoga practitioner.

  • Luca Gheradini – PhD Student / Computer Vision Research Team

Luca got a Master of Science in Computer Science from the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, in Italy. He feeds a deep curiosity for many scientific fields, for which he decided to join Sano in a project on proteins diffusion in Alzheimer and Parkinson diseases. Luca is always focusing on self-development, meditation, and training sessions.

  • Aleksandra Pestka – Master’s degree student / Computer Vision Research Team

Aleksandra is pursuing MSc degree in Data Science at AGH. Her bachelor thesis was related to predicting epileptic seizures using neural networks. In Sano she is a member of Computer Vision Data Science team. Currently doing research on the application of statistical and machine learning models in neuroscience as his master’s thesis project. Privately, she is all about getting away from the city, trekking in the mountains, learning rock climbing and nature travelling (especially delighted with Scandinavia).

  • Filip Ślazyk – Master’s degree student (Extreme-Scale Data and Computing Group) and part-time programmer

Holds BSc in Computer Science obtained at AGH UST in 2021, currently doing MSc degree in Data Science at the same university. His bachelor thesis was related to applying machine learning techniques in the medical context. Interested in machine learning, deep learning, cloud computing. Currently doing research on the applications of federated learning in the healthcare as his master’s thesis project. Has experience gained at the key players in the industry. Loves to spend his free time running, hiking, or playing squash.

  • Przemysław Jabłecki – Master’s degree student / Extreme Scale Data and Computing
  • Arkadiusz Pajor – Master’s degree student / Health Informatics
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