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Sano will take part in Poland Business Run 2022!

We are happy to inform that our two Sano teams have been entered for the Business Run!

 Sano Innovation Team:

  • Anna Dróżdż – captain
  • Jose Sousa
  • Karol Capała
  • Alfredo Ibias
  • Maciej Malawski

Sano Passion Team:

  • Agnieszka Rogóż – captain
  • Magdalena Godowska
  • Filip Ślazyk
  • Luca Gherardini
  • Maciej Szymkowski

On September 4th the Poland Business Run will start for the 11th time! This year the organizers have prepared a competition in Krakow for 2 thousand relay teams (10 thousand runners). By taking part in the relay, as usual, participants will support beneficiaries in financing prosthetic limbs, wheelchairs and rehabilitation.

The opportunity to integrate employees in a noble cause has motivated companies to participate in the Poland Business Run for years. We are happy that we completed and registered 2 Sano teams!

Fingers crossed for Sano runners!

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