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The app supporting research on leukemia has been awarded!

Polish version of the article is available on the second page.

Students of professor Maciej Malawski, leader of one of the Sano Centre research groups, have succeeded. Filip Ślazyk and Przemysław Jabłecki took 3rd place in the engineering thesis competition that accompanied the KKIO Software Engineering Conference 2021. 

Students of the Stanisław Staszic AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków prepared the thesis titled: “A tool for comparison and integration of feature selection algorithms for modeling of response to targeted therapy for patients with hairy cell leukemia”.  

The result of the project is a web application designed to support research on a specific type of leukemia, i.e. hairy cell leukemia (HCL), but it can be applied to many similar problems. 

An abstract of the paper is available on the KKIO website, under “Results and abstracts” 

Source: Adobe Stock, author: ASDF

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