Sano is a project carried out by the consortium consisting of the European partners, under the Teaming for Excellence Horizon 2020 program and the International Research Agendas program of the Foundation for Polish Science.

Teaming for Excellence

Teaming for Excellence is one of the actions in Horizon 2020 EU Framework Programme aimed at closing the gap in research excellence across Europe by supporting the creation of new research institutes. Investing in Europe’s research and innovation potential is carried out by supporting the creation of new non-profit research institutes. Having secured this prestigious grant, the overarching objective, during Sano’s EC-funded phase (15 M until July 2026) and beyond, is to become a major, well-established Centre of Excellence in the area of computational medicine, coordinating its substantial research and development efforts across Małopolska, Poland, and internationally. 

The strategic objectives of the Centre span five domains: 

    • To become Central Eastern Europe’s foremost academic institution for the identification, development, and implementation of techniques in Computational Medicine 
    • To combine academic, industry and clinical perspectives to inform innovative R&D processes, delivering competitive products and services to the marketplace, creating sustainability 
    • Deliver internal and external training programmes to provide the next generation of healthcare technology innovators with the unique skills profile required by Computational Medicine 
    • Make a significant contribution to digitising healthcare, meeting health challenges, improving wellbeing and meeting expectations for data utilisation and treatment efficacy 
    • Foster an entrepreneurial culture within the Centre to promote translation of research and enhance the innovation potential 

The project is carried out on the basis of partnerships with internationally acknowledged institutions from Poland, Germany and UK. 

    • Project budget: 14 998 453.75 EUR
    • Project duration: 01.08.2019 – 31.07.2026



This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 857533.

International Research Agendas

The International Research Agendas programme (IRAP) grant supports the development of scientific structures, including establishment of 6 Research Team, led by renowned scientists. With a significant funding provided by Foundation for Polish Science of €10 M until December 2023, Sano conducts research in order to solve specific global scientific challenges and develop advanced solutions to complex medical challenges.  

The scientific and economic challenge of Sano Centre for computational medicine 

The Sano Centre will combine state-of-the-art expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning, computer vision, physiological modelling, large-scale high-performance computing with fundamental biomarker identification, using advanced simulation and data analysis methods in a fully integrated approach to clinical decision support. Offering open collaboration at all levels of the development pipeline, Sano will act not only as a core provider of conceptual and developmental expertise, but also as a partner to industrial and clinical users, fostering modernisation, innovation and increased productivity. This way it will also contribute to the scientific and economic challenge of the introduction of new computational technologies into medical space. 

Sano Centre for computational medicine will address the fundamental needs of national and European society by developing a new range of innovative computational tools that will hopefully change the future of healthcare. 

    • Project budget: 44 998 447,00 PLN
    • Project duration: 10.10.2019 – 31.12.2023

This project has received funding from the International Research Agendas Programme of the Foundation for Polish Science No MAB PLUS/2019/13.