Andrew Narracott

Senior Lecturer in Cardiovascular Mechanics in the Department of Infection, Immunity and Cardiovascular Disease and Director of Operations for Insigneo at the University of Sheffield

Andrew has 20 years’ experience in EC and international research projects, including a six-month research fellowship at the RIKEN Institute in Tokyo, Japan. He is Sheffield’s Principal Investigator for the Sano project, coordinating the contribution of Insigneo in facilitating Sano to develop and translate innovative solutions for computational medicine. Andrew’s work is strongly focused on identifying and progressing the fundamental and readily-translatable elements of computational physiology, to advance clinical practice.

Keith McCormack

Senior Project Manager in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Sheffield

Keith brings to Sano ten years’ experience of engagement with industry partners through his role as Business Development Manager for Insigneo. He has a PhD in Medical Physics and a substantial track record as a University researcher and research manager since 1998, where he has been involved in the management of over 10 EC FP projects. Prior to this he worked for almost 20 years in industry, as a senior electronics engineer, developing computing and communications systems for industrial and commercial use, and in technical marketing. Award: Leading Scientist Award (3.6 M€) (St. Petersburg, Russian Federation, 2010), largest individual scientific award in the world.

John Fenner

Senior Lecturer in Medical Physics in the Department of Infection, Immunity and Cardiovascular Disease

As a registered clinical scientist with the Health and Care Professions Council in the UK, he brings to Sano a clinical focus. He has been a key contributor to a large number of EC-funded projects and, beyond direct research activities, he also has a senior teaching role, communicating principles of medical physics technology to clinical specialists within the University’s associated teaching hospital, and leading PhD training programmes including Marie Curie European Training Networks.

Kazimierz Murzyn

Managing Director of the LifeScience Krakow Cluster and President of the Klaster LifeScience Krakow Foundation

He deals with innovation and entrepreneurship as well as assessment and transfer of technologies applicable in the field of health and quality of life. He is an expert in strategic planning, scenario planning, creative problem solving and project management. He possesses knowledge and skills in analyzing and modeling complex learning systems.

Renata Fryc

Lead Project Manager responsible for marketing and communication at the LifeScience Krakow Cluster Foundation

She has a background in management, marketing and HR, and possesses long-standing comprehensive experience as a manager at international corporations: SOLA Optical and Electrolux. In Sano she is involved in communication, marketing and business development. She loves Argentinian tango, photography and travel.

Emma Hartig

IP Specialist

She deals with Intellectual Property and new media at Klaster LifeScience Kraków. She is strongly interested in the development and management of Intellectual Property assets. Privately huge enthusiast of baking and playing board games.

Anna Kosiorowska

business development Specialist

Anna Kosiorowska - graduate of the University of Economics in Krakow, scholarship holder of 3 international programmes, alumni of 4 post-diploma studies. In her work in public and private sector she played a role of an operational director, investment manager, deputy mainly in EU funds related fields. She verified business ideas of start-ups in the area of Industry 4.0, and participated in the investment process in a seed fund. She has experience in project management as a certified Scrum Master (PSM I), conducting evaluations and audits of external projects co-financed from public funds, internal audits of the quality management system (ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 - medical devices). Since 2006, she has been an expert of the European Commission in assessing applications for funding; in 2005-2021 she was also an expert national and local goivernemnenys in the evaluation of projects of enterprises, local governments and NGOs. She was an expert or project manager in numerous international projects and academic teacher od micro- and macroeconomy.

Grzegorz Janik

IT Specialist

He has a wide experience with IT Support and communications. Involved in the preparation of the Sano website and visual identity. He specializes in marketing and e-business. Privately beekeeper and traveler.

Tanja Bratan

Coordinator of the "Innovations in the Healthcare System" Business Unit in the "Emerging Technologies" Competence Center at Fraunhofer ISI

Has a background in e-health and more than 15 years of professional experience in healthcare innovation research in Germany and the UK. This includes various large-scale evaluations, technology assessment projects and collaborations with medtech researchers and companies focusing, among others, on rare diseases, assistive technologies and artificial intelligence in healthcare. In her free time she enjoys various outdoor activities, vegan cooking and making and repairing things.

Knut Koschatzky

Senior Scientist, Fraunhofer Institute for Systems- and Innovation Research, DE

His work focuses on Innovation and Regional Economic Theory, Regional Innovation Systems, Innovation Networks, Technology and Innovation Indicators, Innovation Services, Regional Innovation- and Technology Policy, Innovation Financing, New Technology Based Firms

Thomas Reiss

Head of the "Emerging Technologies" Competence Center at Fraunhofer ISI

He brings to Sano more than 30 years’ professional experience in innovation research focusing on processes and systems, large research infrastructures and innovation policies. Has broad experience in participating in and coordinating large national and international research projects – currently he leads the work package on industrialisation of the European Graphene Flagship and coordinates the Graphene Flagship Technology and Innovation Roadmap. He is very interested in music and enjoys reading extraordinary books.

Diana Schneider

Philosopher of technology and research assocoate in the "Emerging Technologies" Competence Center at Fraunhofer ISI

Has a background in philosophy of technology as well as in technology assessment. One of her research interests is in the area of digitization (including artificial intelligence) in social and health care. In this context, she is interested in both the professional and societal implications of new technologies. She enjoys attending football matches, hiking or reading a good book.

Florian Wittmann

Senior Researcher and Project Manager at the "Emerging Technologies" Competence Center at Fraunhofer ISI

To Sano he brings in his regional expertise and background in political science and economics for ecosystem analysis. Having obtained a PhD in the implementation of the EU Cohesion Policy in Polish and Italian regions, he is familiar with the study of complex and multi-faceted policies from various perspectives. He enjoys sports, loves mountains and…

Liliya Pullmann

Economist and Senior Researcher at the "Emerging Technologies" Competence Center at Fraunhofer ISI

Has expert knowledge in innovation processes and ecosystems favorable for the development of new technologies. Her work involves assessment of economic impact and growth potential of emerging technologies, as well as business opportunities and models for new technologies. She has expertise in performing technology-oriented market analyses and econometric analyses, and has been involved in numerous national and European projects. In her leisure time she enjoys a good movie and travelling.

Sabina Lichołai

Medical Doctor, graduated from the Jagiellonian University

Her scientific interests focus on epigenetic dysregulation in pathogenesis of human diseases. She implemented high-throughput biological measurements as well as bioinformatics and computing techniques in order to obtain molecular profiles characteristic for particular human conditions. She is a genetics consultant for Sano. She was involved in various Polish and international scientific projects.

Marek Kasztelnik

Full Stack Developer at ACC Cyfronet AGH

Providing solutions which help run scientific applications on distributed resources. Has participated in numerous research projects (national and EU-funded). Creator of the Model Execution Environment – a patient-oriented simulation pipelining system integrated with the Prometheus supercomputer at Cyfronet. He is also a lead developer of the EOSC Marketplace solution. An avid mountain biker, skier and board game player.

Mateusz Szpyrka

Scientific programmer at ACC Cyfronet AGH

Graduated in 2020 in Computer Science at AGH, author of a BSc thesis focused on pattern detection and classification within HEp-2 images. He is interested in application of artificial intelligence to medical problems, and he develops machine learning based solutions to computational problems, especially interested in the field of computer vision. Privately amateur musician, climbing enthusiast and casual poker player.

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