About Institute

Sano Centre is a non-profit research institute dedicated to the advancement of computational medicine. The strategic objectives of the Centre span five domains:

  • Academia: To become Central Eastern Europe’s foremost academic institution for the identification, development, and implementation of techniques in Computational Medicine
  • Translation: To combine academic, industry and clinical perspectives to inform innovative R&D processes, delivering competitive products and services to the marketplace, creating sustainability
  • Education: Deliver internal and external training programmes to provide the next generation of healthcare technology innovators with the unique skills profile required by Computational Medicine
  • Digital Health and Care: Make a significant contribution to digitising healthcare, meeting health challenges, improving wellbeing and meeting expectations for data utilisation and treatment efficacy
  • Entrepreneurship: Foster an entrepreneurial culture within the Centre to promote translation of research and enhance the innovation potential
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Mission and Vision of Sano

The objective of the Foundation is conducting scientific research or development works in an international scientific environment, at the highest scientific level, taking into account high ethical standards, in particular good scientific practices, and knowledge dissemination. The Foundation conducts activities in the subject of basic and applied research on computational methods, techniques and technologies for personalised patient diagnosis and treatment, and research, as well as in related fields of science and technology

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Our Values


Passion in what we do, engagement in Sano operations, taking responsibility, providing initiative, being happy at work.


Boldness in articulating and pursuing novel ideas, courage to think outside the box.


Directness, openness, tolerance and respect. Scientific integrity (we do not cut corners).


Diversity in backgrounds, cultures and opinions of Sano employees. Promotion of women in STEM.