Clinical Decision Software Developer

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Sano Centre for Computational Medicine is a new International Scientific Foundation located in Kraków, Poland.

Sano aspires to be a major translational scientific institute, operating at the meeting point of academic science, established MedTech industry, and emerging start-up environment, combining the best of these three perspectives.

Sano acts as a core technology and expertise provider for industry, and creator of innovation, developing state-of-the-art solutions for healthcare. Thanks to the substantial funding and excellent European partnership network, Sano will bring a critical mass to this transformational field of research, in order to translate scientific advancements onto clinical practice. Sano’s ambition is to become the Reference Centre for Computational Medicine in Central Europe and build a reputation as a leading institute on a global level.

As a cross-disciplinary institution, Sano uses machine learning/artificial intelligence (ML/AI), large scale computer simulations (HPC), data science, and other computational technologies towards overcoming global challenges in healthcare systems. The research agenda will be executed in close collaboration with Partners in Poland, EU and USA.

We value:

  • Passion – Passion in what we do, engagement in Sano operations, taking responsibility, providing initiative, being happy at work.
  • Innovation – Boldness in articulating and pursuing novel ideas, courage to think outside the box.
  • Integrity – Directness, openness, tolerance and respect. Scientific integrity (we do not cut corners).
  • Diversity – Diversity in backgrounds, cultures and opinions of Sano employees. Promotion of women in STEM.

You will help turn scientific vision into tangible solutions for clinicians and biologists. Output of your high-quality code will be published in popular journals, and will propel new healthcare products. You will work with industrial researchers to bring Sano’s technology to hospitals and patients.   

We invite you to join a five-person team of professionals at the core of a new, fully independent research institute. Our common task will be to assist, to the best of our abilities, excellent Sano researchers in bringing their novel solutions to healthcare industry, hospitals, doctors, and patients. We will do that through setting high standards of software development and data management, where no corners are cut, and patient’s benefit is the ultimate goal.  

As a member of a team at a rapidly developing institute, you will have important impact on how Sano will evolve, and how it will go about meeting its strategic objectives in the long run. If you enjoy creating things, helping organisations and people grow, and contributing to workplace culture and atmosphere while accepting that some elements are in flux, and adaptation to an evolving environment is important, then you are the kind of person we would like to talk to. 

You will work in a collaborative environment, together with other data and software engineers, computational medicine researchers, and medical doctors.
Your tasks will include:  

  • Writing new software and using existing reliable software packages, to analyse medical data, visualise results, and gain clinically valuable insight;  
  • Writing production-grade solutions for patient stratification, disease progress prediction, clinical intervention scoring and similar decision support systems, with AI models at the heart of these solutions;  
  • Contributing to software quality by performing code reviews for colleagues, and assisting Sano researchers with delivering quality software; 
  • Collaborating with researchers focused on basic science, and with the industrial environment, including customers, to enable translation of new scientific outcomes to everyday healthcare;  
  • Broadening your medical and computational science knowledge on a daily basis;  
  • Performing various exploratory data analyses to find new patterns and relationships inside clinical databases; 
  • Contributing to Sano’s high standards of data management with new ideas;  
  • Keeping your smile on and being ready to help other Sano colleagues whenever your help is needed.  

We require the following: 

  • Higher education, preferably MSc, in computer science, or similar domain with a strong curriculum of code development and data handling; 
  • At least 3 years of experience in development of software for data-based decision support, preferably for various areas of life or business,
    including medical sciences or human biology; 
  • Excellent code development skills, including test-driven programming, refactoring and object-oriented design principles;  
  • Practical knowledge of relational (SQL) databases including design, implementation, use, transformation and optimisation; 
  • Participation in at least one past production-level software development project in a midrange or senior role; 
  • Experience in proper handling of data: transformations, combining various interrelated datasets, cleaning, versioning, tracking provenance, and similar;  
  • Good data visualisation skills and knowledge of tools for interactive data drill-down, aggregation, and dashboards;  
  • Knowledge of Git, code review procedures, object-oriented design and test-driven development;  
  • Expected programming languages familiarity level:   
  • Python – excellent (additionally, familiarity with SciPy and NumPy is expected too),  
  • One of Java/C++/C# – very good  
  • We would like to see your code, if you are able to share it with us;  
  • Hands-on experience with Linux command line; 
  • Fluent command of English (Polish not required). 

Nice to have: 

  • Recorded experience of building your own machine learning solutions for complex datasets, preferably including full cycle of feature selection and sensitivity analysis, hyperparameter search, training, testing and validation;  
  • Experience in statistical analysis of complex, sparse, large datasets, including familiarity with R 
  • Experience with dealing with large time-series datasets, especially utilised for trend/event detection AI algorithms; experience with NoSQL would be a plus; 
  • Experience in computer vision, image analysis techniques or application of deep learning to images;  
  • Experience with natural language processing (written, spoken);  
  • Familiarity with Matlab and popular Matlab toolkits. 

We offer a contract for employment with gross salary from 12000 to 16000 PLN monthly, and a wide range of perks and benefits, including:  

  • Private medical plan (planned, starting in 3Q2021)  
  • Multisport card (planned)  
  • Flexible working hours  
  • Remote work (in part; currently we work almost exclusively on a remote basis, but we expect to move back to our offices once it is safe) 
  • You can work in Windows or Linux, whichever suits you better 
  • You can pick your favourite programming tools/libraries as long as they do the job! 

Sano is an equal-opportunity employer. We prioritize diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for everyone. We value a spirit of enquiry and perseverance, provide the space to keep asking questions, and promote a culture of curiosity and creativity. 

Do you recognize yourself in the job profile? Then we look forward to receiving your application. 

Applications in .pdf should include:

  • a curriculum vitae;

Apply through Sano recruitment system. If you would like to apply for future openings feel free to send your application to our database.​