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Datawrapper – data visualization for everyone!

Make sure you provide data in an attractive and clear way!

With visualization you will tell data-driven stories that everyone will understand and remember. Visualized data, analysis, forecasts or strategies are simpler to read and much stronger in their message. At our workshop you will learn good practices related to data visualization and learn how to use the datawrapper tool to show complex data in a simple way.

The workshop will be hosted by Marcin Wierzbiński, Sano Scientific Programmer.

The workshop is a practical course for beginning data analysts, from marketers to financiers. It is a useful skill for anyone who works with data.

You are welcome to attend!

Please send applications to:  

Places are limited – first come first served.

Friday 14.10., 12:00 – 1:00 PM

Sano Centre, ul. Czarnowiejska 36, 1st floor, room 111