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Neuromatch conference live streaming

On 1st December will be another edition of neuromatch – a conference for the computational neuroscience community. The first time there is a possibility to join in Kraków!

Neuromatch is an online community of computational neuroscientists whose mission is to foster inclusive global interactions for learning, mentorship, networking, and professional development.

This year’s edition – neuromatch 4.0 – will be focused on Computational Neuroscience broadly construed. The scope includes machine learning work that has an explicit biological link.

Among speakers is Dani Bassett from University of Pennsylvania. Professor Dani is an American physicist and one of the most known systems neuroscientists. Bassett and her team have been conducting research regarding brain flexibility.

The full agenda and more information about the conference is available on the website

Please do register and choose Sano Centre as your local meetup. By coming to Sano and joining our stream the conference will be completely free of charge.

You could also find information at #SanoScience Meetup page:…/sanoscience…/events/281129275/

Wednesday 1.12.2021

3:00 PM – 9:00 PM CET