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AI models to predict the course of AAV created in Sano

Our scientists, in recent cooperation with POLVAS (Polish Vasculitis Consortium), created two AI models to predict the course of ANCA-associated vasculitis (AAV), a rare autoimmune disease, which, when left untreated, may cause death or severe deterioration of patient’s quality of life.

Since detailed pathogenesis of AAV is not known, the prediction of disease outcome is challenging. The models which Sano developed in cooperation with Jagiellonian University Medical College based on data from twelve clinical centres in Poland, predict probability of severe kidney disease, and death, given early indicators and symptoms.

The promising results of that research were accepted for presentation at two medical conferences: Vasculitis & ANCA Workshop 2022, April 2022, and European Congress of Rheumatalogy (EULAR), June 2022.

Early identification of patients who are likely to develop disease exacerbation in AAV is crucial, as timely intensification of treatment may prevent severe organ dysfunction and death. We hope that our research will eventually lead to improvement in this aspect of treatment of vasculitis.