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Meeting of Advanced Partners of Sano  

Sano Science is a project carried out by a consortium consisting of European partners. On Friday 25th November, we had the pleasure to host the representatives of our Advanced Partners in our Kraków office.  

One of the objectives of the Teaming for Excellence project is to build a strong, complementary Consortium, with a mix of assembled expertise, capabilities, and track record, within which each Partner brings a unique contribution.   

Sano Advanced Partners within the Teaming for Excellence #horizon2020 project are:  

✅ Klaster LifeScience Krakow,  

✅ Academic Computer Centre CYFRONET AGH,  

✅ Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft,  

✅ The University of Sheffield (with Insigneo Institute for in silico medicine),  

✅ Forschungszentrum Jülich.  

At the meeting, we discussed various topics such as project portfolio management, progress monitoring, perspectives for business development, and strategy for communication. A separate session for discussions with Sano Research Team Leaders was also held, focused on the support the Advanced Partners can provide the researchers with.  

We want to thank to Marian Bubak, Kazimierz Murzyn, Emma Hartig, Andrew Narracott, Olav Zimmermann for arriving  Sano Centre!  

Many thanks also to Tanja Bratan, Diana Schneider, Liliya Pullmann, Keith McCormack, and Norman Powell for joining us online! 

The partners’ support is truly priceless!