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Meetings with Professor Chittayasothorn

Alfredo Ibias from Jose Sousa research group (Personal Health Data Science) met with professor Suphamit Chittayasothorn from KMITL School of Information Technology.  

As Sano Science, we have been present at Bangkok for a series of meetings with the researchers from the group of Professor Suphamit Chittayasothorn from KMITL School of Information Technology. His research group focus on systems modeling and simulation from an Artificial Intelligence perspective. In the meetings multiple ideas were discussed. Among them, one of the most relevant ones was the idea of mixing the potential of the artificial neural networks with the explainability of rule based systems in order to create better models of AI. This is especially important for areas like healthcare, were the criticality of the decisions requires a high level of explainability. Another important idea discussed was the use of mathematical models to model body systems, and the experience of both Professor Suphamit’s group and their university.

We also shared Sano’s vision and goals and debated how Professor Suphamit’s work can help us achieve them.