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NeuroTechKRK leading by Sano Centre

Sano Centre has started cooperation with NeuroTechX community by establishing a local chapter NeuroTechKRK in Kraków, Poland.  

NeuroTechX is a non-profit organization whose mission is to facilitate the advancement of neurotechnology by providing key resources and learning opportunities, and by being leaders in local and worldwide technological initiatives.  

Chapters are local, semi-autonomous community organizations comprising a membership of neurotechnology enthusiasts from a particular geographical area. 30+ chapters operate globally, growing diverse communities of young professionals, subject matter experts, investors, creators, communicators, designer, engineers, and more. NeuroTechX community has 6,000 online members and more then 17,000 local community members.  

  • NeuroTechX initiative is an excellent example of the mechanism created to inform and educate everyone interested in the area of neuroscience, to engage enthusiast and established experts in BCI research. On the one hand it is an online platform and source of knowledge, on the other it is a vivid global community with powerful network – described an initiative Anna Maria Trawińska, Sano Communication and Marketing manager, one of the NeuroTechKRK leader. Together with Alessandro Crimi and Karolina Tkaczuk they will lead local chapter.  

We are happy to welcome all interested people and institutions from Kraków and neighborhood areas to join the initiative.