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Personal changes in Sano

With the beginning of August, Maciej Malawski, PhD became the new Sano’s director. At the same time, Tomasz Gubala was announced as Executive Director. Congratulations and good luck in the new positions!  

Holidays’ time is very busy in Sano Centre this year. We said thank you and goodbye to Arkadiusz Sitek, PhD who resigned from the position of Director of Sano. Arkadiusz has supported our team from the very beginning and helped build Sano Science both as Director of our Center of Computational Medicine and as a great team leader of the Health Informatics Research Group. His enthusiasm, energy, and experience were priceless! 

And although on the last day of July Arkadiusz stepped down from his role as Director of Sano, we strongly believe that we will continue to carry out joint projects, and as a Team, we will be able to benefit from his advice and support! 

Thank you for leaving a piece of your heart in Sano, Arek! 

Your resignation symbolically closed the first stage of building Sano. Now is the time for development! 

Maciej Malawski, PhD became the new Director. He has been involved in the development of Sano from the very beginning, so far in the role of team leader of the Extreme-scale Data and Computing team. 

The entire Sano Team will support him in his new role! 

We are happy to announce that also at the beginning of August, Przemyslaw Korzeniowski, PhD who was the head of the VR & Robotics team until now, became the new leader of Health Informatics Research Group. Congratulations and fingers crossed for all your research projects!  

At the same time, there are some changes in the Sano Foundation Council too.  

Mrs. Agnieszka Szymańska due to new responsibilities resigned from the position of the President of the Sano Council. We had the opportunity to thank her for all that she did in this difficult time for Sano during a thank you meeting in Sano.  

In her place, professor Kazimierz Wiatr, director of the ACC Cyfronet AGH, according to the Statute Sano, appointed Mr Karol Krawentek – Deputy Director of ACK Cyfronet

On Monday 22.08.2022 the Foundation Council elected Mr. Kazimierz Murzyn for the position of the President of the  Council

The Sano Foundation Council consists of: 

  • Kazimierz Murzyn – Klaster Life Science 
  • Tanja Bratan – Fraunhofer ISI 
  • Karol Krawentek – ACC Cyfronet AGH 
  • Andrew Narracot – University of Shefield  
  • Olav Zimmermann – Forschungszentrum Juelich