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Presentation of the human cerebral sulci from inside of the cerebrum 

Professor Wiesław Nowiński, senior postdoc researcher at Sano, a scientist renowned as a creator of world-famous human brain atlases, proposed a brand-new method of sulcal presentation. The method employs the inner cortical surface for sulci examination from the inside of the cerebrum. The study is reported in the Journal of Anatomy.  

The method has four steps, construct the cortical surface, segment and label the sulci, dissect (open) the cortical surface, and explore the fully exposed sulci from the inside. In the study the inside sulcal maps were created for the left and right lateral, left and right medial, and basal hemispheric surfaces with the sulci parcellated by color and labeled. These three-dimensional sulcal maps are probably the first of this kind.  

The proposed method demonstrates the full course and depths of sulci, including narrow, deep, and/or convoluted sulci, which has an educational value and facilitates their quantification. In particular, it provides a straightforward identification of sulcal pits which are valuable markers in studying neurologic disorders.  

The study has already got very positive comments from reviewers, addressing the novelty of the method and quality of images as “outstanding” and “absolutely brilliant”. 

The resulting paper “On presentation of the human cerebral sulci from inside of the cerebrum” is available here: