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What is medical education informatics?

Innovative medicine and education are closely related to digital technologies. At the intersection of those three topics lies a field of research which is often difficult to classify that can be called medical education informatics. Its importance is profound in face of growing needs of health professions task force training to accommodate the immense progress of medical sciences and technologies, calls for higher standards in patients safety, as well as acute shortage of qualified teachers. The goal of the presentation is to make an overview of the themes and recent developments in medical education informatics. Discussed will be topics around virtual patients, educational use of artificial intelligence, serious games, clinical decision support tools in clinical reasoning training and learning analytics. Important are implications for the need of curricular reforms to cover more use and better integration of digital technologies into mainstream medical education. The talk will be based on an overview of the state-of-the-art literature and outcomes of current research conducted in the Department of Bioinformatics and Telemedicine, Jagiellonian University Medical College.

Andrzej A. Kononowicz, PhD, holds the MSc in computer science from the Technical University Clausthal (Germany) and University of Science and Technology AGH, a PhD degree in biomedical engineering and a habilitation degree in Health Sciences. Since 2005 is employed at Jagiellonian University Medical College, currently leading the Department of Bioinformatics and Telemedicine. He has participated in several European and national projects in area of medical education and informatics. He (co-)authored over 50 papers in peer-reviewed journals, 11 book chapters and had more than 50 conference contributions. He is editorial board member of BMC Medical Education and reviewer in several journals in medical education and informatics.


Andrzej Kononowicz
Department of Bioinformatics and Telemedicine Medical College, Jagiellonian University,
Krakow, Poland

Monday, 5 July 2021, 2:00-3:30 PM (CEST)

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