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Artificial intelligence will estimate the scale of health debt in cervical and endometrial cancer – Cooperation between Sano and NEO Hospital

NEO Hospital and Sano Centrum Medyczne Computational are joining forces to develop new technologies and personalized medicine.

Sano – Centre for Computational Personalised Medicine, which is the International Research Foundation, has concluded a cooperation agreement with NEO Hospital. The aim is to cooperate in the field of scientific research and research and development projects aimed at developing new technologies aimed at application in health care, with particular emphasis on personalized computational medicine.

One of the effects of the pandemic is the growing health debt that we will have to deal with once it ends. Unfortunately, at the moment we do not know the scale of the phenomenon. That is why Sano is extremely pleased with the cooperation with the NEO Hospital group, during which we will use artificial intelligence methods to estimate the scale of health debt in two diseases, i.e. cervical and endometrial cancer. We hope that on the basis of these activities it will be possible to create a tool thanks to which experts will be able to propose activities that will help hospital directors and doctors create the best possible plan to help patients and reduce this phenomenon in the most optimal way. Of course, we do not plan to limit ourselves to these two indications, ultimately we would like to do similar analyzes for other diseases, at the beginning of oncological and cardiological diseases, and then further ones, and invite centers that treat these diseases to cooperate with us.” – explains Dr Arkadiusz Sitek, Director of Sano – Centre for Computational Personalised Medicine – International Research Foundation.

The cooperation will be implemented through the joint implementation of national and international research projects and the sharing of research facilities. Activities will aim to generate knowledge and technologies for the future improvement of healthcare.

Despite the many difficulties the pandemic has brought with it, it has also shown us clearly that the traditional healthcare model needs a shift towards a stronger use of artificial intelligence and interdisciplinary collaboration. Computer modeling of intelligent behavior with minimal human intervention, artificial intelligence algorithms, deep learning, which themselves create information classification criteria based on the data obtained in the programming process, can be used to improve the performance of our healthcare system.” – emphasizes Joanna Szyman, President of the Management Board of the Neo Hospital Group.

Sano and NEO Hospital will cooperate to implement new solutions in clinical practice, and assume the possibility of commercialization of jointly produced knowledge or technology. Their intention is also to share the knowledge thus obtained as widely as possible.

Sano – Centre for Computational Personalised Medicine is a scientific unit which, thanks to the support of prestigious programs such as MAB FNP and Teaming for Excellence EU, carries out scientific and implementation research in the field of computational medicine.

Sano comprises six research teams. Patient’s Health Group: carries out research aimed at personalization of medical services by adapting diagnostic and therapeutic strategies to the needs of a given patient; Modeling and simulations: creates computational models to simulate processes important in therapy and healthcare; Large-scale data and computing: develops methods of processing large data sets with the use of advanced computational tools; Clinical data: acquires, manages and analyzes the usefulness of clinical data; Medical imaging: visualizes and processes data for use in decision support systems; Health informatics: interdisciplinary research at the interface of computer science, sociology and related fields, focused on prevention and improving the quality of health care.

The scientists of the Center are developing advanced algorithms, modeling methods, computer simulations and artificial intelligence tools that will support doctors in the diagnostic and treatment process. It is very valuable from the patient’s point of view, because thanks to personalized therapy, the time and costs of treatment are reduced, so more people can be treated for the same measures. Modern technologies developed in Sano will also find application in research laboratories of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, where they will accelerate the development of new drugs and technologies.

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