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NEO Hospital and Sano join forces to develop new technologies and personalized medicine

We are pleased to announce that Sano – Centre for Computational Personalised Medicine – International Research Foundation has started cooperation with the NEO Hospital group.

Computer modeling of intelligent behavior with minimal human intervention, artificial intelligence algorithms, deep learning, which themselves create information classification criteria based on the data obtained in the programming process, can be used to improve the performance of our healthcare system. NEO HOSPITAL Group combines most outstanding speciality doctors with ultramodern equipment, thus building up one of the most effective and patient-friendly medical centres in Central and Eastern Europe.

As Arkadiusz Sitek – Director of Sano emphasizes: “I am delighted with the cooperation we have established with the NEO Hospital group, during which we will use artificial intelligence methods to estimate the health debt scale in two diseases, i.e. cervical and endometrial cancer. We hope that on the basis of these activities it will be possible to create a tool thanks to which experts will be able to propose activities that will help hospital directors and doctors create the best possible plan to help patients and reduce this phenomenon in the most optimal way. Of course, we do not plan to limit ourselves to these two indications only, ultimately we would like to do similar analyzes for other oncological diseases and cardiological diseases and invite centers dealing with the treatment of these diseases to cooperate with us.

The aim of jointly undertaken activities will be to generate knowledge and technologies for the future improvement of healthcare, and the first issue undertaken with the support of artificial intelligence methods will be to estimate the scale of the health debt that arose during the limitations resulting from the pandemic in two diseases, i.e. cervical and endometrial cancer.