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Sano becomes Associate Partner of CompBioMed

We are pleased to announce that Sano has become a member of the international consortium CompBioMed operating in Europe and the USA. CompBioMed deals in particular with the design and development of computational methods for biomedical applications.

The membership program enables the institution to stay in touch and collaborate in ongoing research. Currently, CompBioMed associates almost 50 partners from all over the world. The main consortium is to create a place to share ideas and resources among all members.

In addition, all members get access to the following benefits

• Access to and provision of project resources including HPC facilities
• Access to and provision of software
• Access to and provision of training materials
• Invitations to project meetings
• Invitations to our workshops
• Invitations to our training events
• Listing as an associate partner on the CompBioMed website
• Participation in the Innovation Exchange Programme
• Participation in Incubator Coordination
• Possible participation in the CompBioMed Innovation Advisory Board
• Listing of software services on the CompBioMed Software Hub

We hope that the new partnership will contribute to the dynamic development of research conducted by Sano.
More information about CompBioMed and theirs partners on