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The survey: Needs, perspectives and challenges related to computational medicine

Sano, the new Centre for Personalised Computational Medicine in Krakow, is expected to become a major European hub providing cutting edge computational technologies for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease (e.g. clinical decision support systems, virtual models of the human patient or early phase clinical trials).

To ensure that healthcare, industry and research more widely can benefit from Sano’s activities, we would like to invite you to participate in a short (10 min.) survey to let us know about your views, needs, requirements with regards to computational medicine as well as any challenges you foresee.

This information will help Sano to create products and services that address your needs and support you in your work. If you wish, we’ll provide you with our key findings of the survey results on request.

More about our survey as well as the link to the questions could be easily found here:

The link for the survey in Polish language is also available: